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  • You are already a consultant, coach or trainer.
  • You are an researcher or innovator
  • You are a leader with social impact
  • You are a entrepreneur, social entrepreneur, impact investor.

Online Training Program

By the Matrix-Q Academia 

  • Complete a DNA assessment of your skills, knowledge and potential.
  • Choose the right Matrix-Q Modules for you.
  • Modules system. Certificates for each training module: Matrix-Q Skills, Tools, Data, Knowledge
  • Mentorship: Apply Matrix-Q Knowledge for Consultancy services with the support of a Matrix-Q Mentor
  • Participate as assistant in a Matrix-Q Consultancy projects by joining experienced teams of Matrix-Q License holders
  • Contribute with your knowledge and expertise, in R&D Innovation projects

Training Levels

Matrix-Q Licenses

  • Assistant : Collaborate with Matrix-Q Cosultants
  • Trainer : Facilitate in-premises and online Matrix-Q Trainings (experiential, gamified)
  • Coach : Provide individual and group (e-)coaching online or in-premises
  • Consultant : Provide systemic assessment, contribute with collective intelligence development and sustainable growth of your customers
  • Innovator: Facilitate learning, thinking, research, development and innovation 
  • Social Impact Leader: Support communities and networks in their development



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  • Explore how Matrix-Q Knowledge can help you approach complexity with simple tools and natural capacity
  • Learn about your potential as consultant, coach or trainer with the Matrix-Q DNA Assessment.

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