Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken. Founder of the Matrix-Q Research Institute 2016 & Matrix-Q Ecosystem 2019.

Business Consultant, trainer and coach (1993/2000- ).

Multidisciplinary Research & Innovation since 1993: new nature inspired algorithms design methodology, new mathematics system, artificial intelligence, human potential, sustainability (SDG) and 3-Fold circular economy innovation, 300 e-publications.

Matrix-Q Technology 4.0 Developer.

Archer, yoga and martial arts trainer.  

Lives in the Netherlands since 2016.  

ā€œ We are living at the edge of a wonderful global opportunity: to come together as humanity, take responsibility on the human footprint on our  planet and create a circular sustainable global civilization.ā€  - LDMF


Rank Points

Matrix-Q Academia

Matrix-Q R&D

Matrix-Q Standard

Golden Belt Dan 9


Director, Trainer of Trainers

R&D Lead: Matrix-Q Body of Work & Innovations, Legacy Projects, R&D Collaborations 

Founder, Assessment Level 9 




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